Ready to Move Into the Tiny House

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This has been a long journey, but we are finally ready to move into the tiny house. I wanted to take some space in this post to answer some FAQ’s that I get to hopefully answer some questions for you.

Are you going to live in the tiny house for reals? Yes, we are!

Where are you moving? We will be renting property fairly near our current house. There will be several acres for the kids to explore and enjoy. I’m excited to share pictures of our new beautiful views!

When are you moving? We are waiting for electricity to be hooked up at our new rental property, so we’re not sure when the move will happen. Sometime in the next two weeks is what we’re expecting. We have almost finished packing up our things and cleaning up our current place. We’re in a sort of “holding pattern” for now.

Are the kids excited? Yes they are! They love their new room and they are excited to explore the new property.

Are you nervous? Yes, a little. I’m a little worried we won’t fit our stuff into the house, but I am trying to assure myself that we will be able to make room for the essentials, even if we need to say goodbye to some non-essentials. I’m mostly nervous about issues pertaining to moving in general, such as getting used to a new way of life, new driving routes, and new appliances. I’m also hopeful that the tiny house doesn’t cramp our social schedule and that we’ll still be able to entertain our friends.

In other news, my friend Dinah finished the mural for the kids bedroom wall. We copied a Teagan White picture from the book “Counting With Barefoot Critters”.

I really love all the details and I appreciate the time she put into it. It brings the room to life and gives it such a playful feeling.


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  1. Love this blog and love the pics of the tiny house!

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