Moving the Tiny House

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It was a beautiful Tuesday that turned into a thunderstorm. But we’d already committed to moving the house and our hearts were set on it. As the thunder pealed, I was not sure if it would work to move it that day. But I hoped it would.

The thunder lessened and the rain lightened and we hurried the kids into their rain slickers and boots and hopped into the truck. It seemed too easy. Just hop in and pull out. But then I remembered about all the months we had planned for this moment; buying the perfect truck, installing a new hitch, and so much more.

We rushed. I’m not sure why, and it felt like we were hurrying out before an invasion. But between years of excitement and the electricity of the thunderstorm, we were pretty jacked up. As you can tell from this picture.

It was an uneventful trip. As we drove, it felt like we were flying. We really finished the house! We really found a place to live! And here we were, living a moment we had long thought of.

We parked temporarily in front of the shop, and when we spread more gravel and prepare our parking pad, we will move over a bit so we can see a beautiful view out the kitchen window.

We’re home. Home. It’s starting to mean something new to me. I kind of hate pithy sayings, but I do like this one for us: “Home is where you park it”. And, I would add, home is anywhere we are together.

We’ve spent the last two days moving our surprisingly large amount of belongings into the new house. Everything is fitting better than I could have imagined. To my happiness, I have realized we’re going to need to buy more books to fill the bookshelves.

Tonight is our first night. Wish us luck!


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  1. Amazing! I’m so happy for you! I’ve enjoyed the journey!

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