Moving Into the Tiny House

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We moved the tiny house on Tuesday, and beginning on Wednesday was a 5-day rush of work. My mom (who deserves an award) helped me pack boxes and totes in the back of the truck and unpack stuff into the house.

This process took us basically two days. It was satisfying to fill the shelves that we’d spent so much time building. But each day left us super tired and overwhelmed.

It began to become really confusing having our things and time split at two homes. It was hard to remember where things were and decide which house we would eat dinner at. The kids started saying we were homeless, and I tried convincing them that it was much better than that– we had two homes!

But by Sunday, as planned, we were 100% moved and left our rental house clean and painted. And we were exhausted. But it was satisfying to know it was all done. The tiny house is no longer “the tiny house”, it’s just “home”!

Welcome to the kids room– and this is probably what it will look like most of the time (or worse). It ends up a mosh pit of blankets, Legos, Barbies, and stuffed animals. But the most important things are this: The kids LOVE it and I don’t have to look at it unless I climb the ladder. Win-win!

A place for everybody!

Trent and I have a fresh new bed for a fresh new house! This bed was a big splurge for us, and we have hopes that we will love it for years and that it will last a long time.

We got a buckwheat hull mattress from Eco Health Lab. They were so helpful and made a custom size for us, which we really appreciated. The quality is incredible, and the smell is amazing! If you’re in the market for a eco-conscious bed, I would highly recommend it.

Amazingly, the package came on the very day that we were planning to spend the first night. The kids were really excited to open the packages!

“Can I smell the pillow?”
Trent modeling the bed in our loft

Here’s a quick look around our new rental property.

The girls running in the pasture
The “wasp barn” in the pasture with an oak grove behind.
Looking at the water snake in the creek


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