Kitchen Cabinets Going In!

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Trent has been building cabinets since Summer. Sometimes when we get stuck on one task for a long time, it feels like it is lasting forever and we will never finish.

But the last few weeks, with extra time off from work for the holidays, Trent was able to make a lot of progress on the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen sink

I get particularly excited about the kitchen taking form, because this is going to be the first well-thought-out kitchen I have ever lived in. For a tiny house kitchen, I think we have managed to fit in an admirable amount of storage and functionality.

The sink will be in the middle, with two very deep and spacious cupboards to the right and left. I love the big window that floods the workspace with light.

Two windows for optimal natural light

This is the view when you turn a bit right from the sink. There is a good amount of counter space and another window!

Above is the storage on your right side as you look at the kitchen. From right to left the compartments are: refrigerator, mason jar storage drawers, and pantry. I am very hopeful I will be able to fit all my kitchen essentials and a good amount of food storage for 6 people.

Next up is building the stairs to the kids loft, which will of course have storage in it! It may not look like it, but we are starting to get very close to finishing.


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