Installing the Wood Stove

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Our tiny house feels a little more like home now. This weekend, Trent and I installed the Cubic Mini wood stove in the tiny house.

This is the cutest stove ever. It measures 11 x 12″ and takes mini firewood pieces, but this thing can crank some serious heat. Trent worked hard to make sure the tiny house was as insulated as possible, and it shows in the way it holds the heat that the wood stove puts out.

But let’s back up a little bit and see what the wood stove is sitting on.


Trent made a cabinet and covered it with pallet wood that he had stained a deep brown.



Then, Trent poured a mix of concrete and pebbles into a form. Once it had dried, he polished it with dramatic side lighting.



This is what it looks like now that it’s polished. Wow.



Here is the Cubic Mini, installed in its cozy corner. I think the combination of stainless steel, brass, concrete, and cedar tongue-and-groove looks absolutely stunning.



And strangely, having the stove installed makes the tiny house feel more like a home. I can easily imagine sitting at the table doing school with the kids on a snowy day, with the wood stove adding cheery fire sounds. I can also imagine a cold winter evening, perhaps with a few Christmas decorations up, playing music and enjoying the glow of the fire.

I can’t hardly wait for those days. But for now, it keeps Trent warm while he works on the house, which is a welcome addition.

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