Getting Ready to Move

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An emotional week is behind us, and many more emotional weeks are ahead, I’m sure. We have entered the home stretch.

We have about 6 weeks until we will leave our wonderful rental house that we have loved for almost 7 years now. There is a lot of work involved in any move, and this move is no different. Just the added stress of SERIOUS decluttering.

Enter: garage sale.

Garage sale day was so successful, we decided to cancel Day Two since there was hardly anything left.

Seeing my belongings drive off was strangely emotional. Each item had a story, reminded me of something or someone. I didn’t find it hard to let things go at all. I am a natural purger. But I do have to admit it was hard to have so many memories constantly flooding my mind.

Just seeing this stuff sitting around on the day after (when these pictures were taken) was almost overwhelming and I can’t really tell you why. I think it really hit me that we are truly moving into our tiny house, our plans are materializing, and our life is changing.

We had a plan, something we wanted, a life we wanted. We built the house. It is amazing me how difficult this is, yet at the same time how simple it can be to achieve your goals. This all exists because we made a plan.

This is what our family looked like when we moved into the pink house. We had been married for two years, Wade was 1, and Elsa was 6 weeks old. We were happy to be leaving the gloomy Oregon Coast.

September 2012

…and this was what we moved to.

October 2012

We have brought two babies home from the hospital, we have watched three babies learn to walk. We’ve taught our kids to be kind here, we’ve wanted to give up. I have laughed hysterically here, and I have also cried hysterically. And every emotion in between.

July 2019, normal play and movement happening in the front yard.

It’s been a safe place for us, a sort of nest for our four baby birds. But now our family has grown up; we don’t have babies anymore, we have two school-aged kids, we don’t nap anymore, and my kids don’t need me every single second of the day.

Time for a new adventure. Time to try something new! There is a lot of exciting days coming up as we finish the tiny house and move, and I hope you will join us for each bit. Please like my Facebook page so you are notified each time I post.


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