First week in the tiny house

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As if living as a family of 6 in 300 sq. ft. wasn’t enough, somehow it’s ended up that we are also living off grid. Only a small electricity from our solar panel and no running water.

But don’t worry, I’m not so hardcore that this will last forever. It’s just a temporary thing as we have just moved onto a fairly undeveloped piece of old farmland.

But it is a bit of trial-by-fire… and let’s face it, if I can get through this, having electricity and running water will make me feel like I am living in a palace.

This is my kitchen sink setup:

How to wash a huge, greasy stockpot with that water cooler…?

Not having running water is the hardest part because that means that a water cooler is my faucet, and I have to do wash and showers at my mom’s house. The upside is I feel pretty elemental hauling my own water.

Then, meet my fridge!

This is a chest freezer half-filled with ice blocks, with food precariously balanced on top. At first, I wasn’t sure this was going to work, but it’s actually been pretty awesome and we haven’t gotten food poisoning yet! And I feel so connected to nature, going out before each meal and gathering my food from the fridge. haha, kind of not.

The kids are doing really well. Kids often are the easiest adapters, they seem to meld into whatever situation they find themselves in. They really enjoy having a big shop to ride bikes in, sheltered from the rain on grey days!

We’ve even gotten started with school a little bit this week.

School time!
Game time!

I have to admit it’s taken all of my abilities to handle this new situation. There has been a lot of thinking of how to arrange things, how to use our pieced-together off grid setup, and how to arrange our days now that our life has changed so much. I’m also really tired this week from pushing ourselves so much last week as we moved out of our pink house. But slowly, I find myself getting a rhythm, and it feels good to know I’m pretty adaptable too.

This kitchen is so beautiful to me
Getting my hands on herbs again, making chai tea for the Fall
Breakfast time in the kitchen
Morning sun streaming into the kitchen

Overall, it is going really good and I have a lot of excitement about the future. For so long, we have had this tiny house build looming over us, and now that we are finished, it feels exciting to know it is time to make new goals and plans and start a new phase of our life. Sky’s the limit!

Also, we do plan on making cabinet door fronts. But for the time being, it’s almost nice to be able to see where everything is! And if you come visit us, you’ll know exactly everything we own, no secrets!


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