Celebrating Winter Solstice

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We have celebrated Winter Solstice for a few years as a family, but never have we shared this celebration with friends. This was going to be our year. I was going to invite friends and it would be magical and well-planned. Then my kids started cycling through short (but contagious) fevers. We called off the friends-coming-over part and decided to make-do and celebrate this holiday alone!

Captivated by candlelight

Dinner was nothing special– cabbage salad and soup– but any meal can be made magical with candlelight.

Light promises to return

This year, I really wanted to focus on two things. First, embrace and accept the fact that we are in the darkest time of the year. Second, remind myself and my family that the light is returning. We took turns talking about what we remember from this last summer, as well as what we look forward to this summer. It helps me feel less overwhelmed with the darkness when I just accept that it’s a part of the year’s cycle, and remind myself that it won’t last forever.

Elsa’s face, like the year. Dark and light.

This has been a wonderful year. We have experienced better health than ever before, we have made progress to accomplish our tiny house goals, and we have had many days of loving our kids and our friends. It has had a lot of sad days, anxious days, and “junk days” that went un-enjoyed… as any year has. But mostly I remember this year for all the happiness we have felt.

Time for some good books

We read two very good books that I had borrowed from the library. One was Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, which spoke of a boy taking a quiet walk in the snow with his dad to find an owl. The other book was The Shortest Day: Celebrating Winter Solstice by Wendy Pfeffer. This book explained the history of solstice and the science behind it.

Embrace the darkness, take time to rest. Summer will come quickly.



  1. I teach 4 and 5 year olds inArizona. Owl moon is one of my favorite books to read during this time of year. We follow up with chalk on dark paper drawings and coloring the owls and moons we draw

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    • That’s such a good idea! We loved the book.

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