Digging up the Roots

Welcome to Digging up the Roots!

I am Theresa and I want to share my tiny house adventure with you as it unfolds. My husband Trent and I are building a 28′ tiny house together from scratch for our family of 6. (Whaaaaat? Six people in a tiny house? Is she crazy?!? Well, maybe. Read this blog post to understand why we decided to live in a tiny house.) We’ve been working on it since Fall 2016 and we’re hoping to be done by Summer 2019. Come along for the adventure as we buy land and set up a off-grid homestead for a simpler life with our 4 kids.

Do you ever feel like this world has gotten out of touch with what really matters? I certainly do. (Read my thoughts about it at this blog post.) Just a few generations back, life was simpler and people still knew how to produce their own food, clothing, and medicine. I believe the only way back to a simple life is by looking to our roots. They are a beacon of hope and inspiration for me as I figure out what living a simple, sustainable life means in the 21st century. Come on, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and dig up the roots!