About Me

Welcome to Digging up the Roots

I am Theresa and I want to share my tiny house adventure with you as it unfolds. My husband Trent and I live in the Northwest and we live in a 28′ tiny house with our family of 6. (Whaaat? Six people in a tiny house? Is she crazy?!? Well, maybe. Read this blog post to understand why we decided to live in a tiny house.) We built the house between Fall 2016 and Summer 2019. 

We believe very deeply that we want to leave a beautiful, well-cared for earth for our kids and grandkids. We can make good decisions in our purchases and contribute as little as possible to the garbage in the world, but ultimately we are most responsible for how we treated the land we live on. We want to do that well. 

I’m glad you’re here. I hope you are inspired or encouraged or at least get some good entertainment!