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Well, it’s been a while. What a year we’ve had! But believe it or not, this family of 6 is STILL living in a tiny house and we HAVEN’T died yet! Here’s a little catch-up:

Lockdowns in a tiny house aren’t bad, especially when you have plenty of acres and lots of beautiful spring weather to enjoy! We had such a nice place to park our house from Sept. 2019-Sept. 2020! We were on a turf and nursery farm backed up to a hazelnut farm and had plenty of paths to walk and ride bikes while staying off the busy road. It was a special time of rest and being together.

We may have to stay home but we aren’t staying inside!

Land ownership has always been our deep desire… Trent and I have been exploring ways of having land to call our own for many, many years now. We always seemed to hit a wall, there was seemingly no way of buying land and being able to afford the mortgage. Finally we had an “aha” moment where we realized that if we could share land with my parents, we could have the land we so desired, while being a blessing to them by caring for them as they age (which is still several decades away). To our surprise, they were up for it!

In early 2020, Trent and I started looking with my mom and dad for property to buy. In July, we found a beautiful place with 10 acres and were so excited to move! But the move took on an ugly twist as wildfires picked up after a freak Labor Day east wind. We figured our special place up on the mountain was ashes, as the fires burned right into our new town. As the smoke cleared, we realized our mountain was untouched by fire, and our plan was able to go ahead.

I don’t have many pictures of this time. It was a very difficult time for our whole family, very overwhelming. I literally collapsed- mind, body, and spirit. But we kept plodding ahead and here is one of the most relieving moments of all: the house settled in it’s final resting place!

Ah, the relief: the tiny house in its final resting place. We are finally HOME!

… And what a parking spot it has been. Nestled in the edge of a beautiful woods, views north of the big sky… the view out my kitchen window is lichens hanging luxuriously from fir branches. I couldn’t have asked for more. With a very difficult year behind us, we set out to start making all our years of dreams a reality.

Planting garlic on our new land!
The kids are building a tree house!
The kids enjoying their first snowfall!
The greenhouse finds its home nestled on the mountain next to the garlic bed.

I am excited to share our life with you as it unfolds. Our near plans involve growing most of our own food (thanks to a huge greenhouse we are erecting) and building a permanent home for our family. Yes, this means the end of life in the tiny house… but we still have a few more years of tiny living to enjoy.

Long-term dreams include farming garlic, herbs, and meat chickens… and whatever other opportunities come our way.

But for now, we wake up every morning in the tiny house, enjoying the fact that living in this beautiful house in a beautiful, quiet place is what we consider “normal life”.

We are so thankful to call this spot home.
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