Posts made in January, 2020

These are some real-life pictures here, folks. With 4 kids, our life has always been about messes, and for me, life has always been about frantically picking up the messes! That made preparing for this blog post a bit hard… when I saw a mess my world would go into a spin and I would quickly get it clean instead of remembering I was supposed to be taking pictures of the mess for the blog. Just confessions of a neat freak. On with the messes!

This isn’t too much of a mess, but it does show coats laying around, paper on the floor, and a puzzle getting done. Tiny house problems: when you start a puzzle near dinnertime, do you frantically finish it so you can eat dinner (and get kinda grumpy in the process) or do you abandon it? Throw a towel over it?

On the left is Library Day: inspecting new books, cohabitation with clean wash, two kids “talking” wooden spoons together in the kitchen. On the right is a Monday: house is clean but a mess of math blocks and paper breaks out, and a pile of dirty blankets in the bathroom.

And the grand finale: the kids bedroom scattered with clothes, LEGOs, and stuffed animals.

And, as I said, there have been many, many more messes in the last few weeks. I hope this gives you a good glimpse of our life in the house, a peek into how life works for us.

What would you like to see or know about tiny house life? Leave a comment!

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