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A big Merry Christmas to you from our tiny house! Here are some glimpses into our house at Christmastime.

I made an orange and cranberry garland for the living room, which I love. It adds such a homespun feel to the house

The house isn’t always this clean and neat, but this was Monday morning after cleaning and I had to capture the neatness and beauty of the clean floors and lack of random LEGOs and stuffed animals all over the floor! 🙂 I’ve added a few houseplants, made covers for the cushions on the chest (which we use when we eat at our low table). Trent also installed hooks in the bathroom for drying bath towels. These little changes have really made a big difference and make the house more useable.

We have a small Christmas tree that our friends gave us as a gift with some small battery operated fairy lights. It’s been amazing how such a small tree adds so much beauty and Christmasy-ness to the house. Tiny tree for a tiny house!

We’ve had friends over in a steady stream, and it’s cute to see where the kids end up playing!

One friend day, we got out all our paints and a roll of paper and let the kids go for it! This is the beautiful (and kinda scary) mess that ensued.

Life has been really great ever since we got electricity and running water in late October. I was thankful for that “trial”, which made the rest of tiny house living seem easy. I can truly say that I have never felt cramped and that I really love staying home with the kids and homeschooling. With no internet, I’ve been consuming book after book on these dark winter evenings. Life has felt very rich.

Challenges have included mostly themes and variations of moisture issues. We have a lot of moisture in the house (obviously, lots of people breathing, cooking…) and on cold nights it wants to collect on the windows and in closets, and then wants to grow mold and ruin the window trim. We go on “moisture patrol” every morning, wiping the windows and closets with a rag. Not super easy or fun, but it’s working for now. We’re on the hunt for the best dehumidifier for our space.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas as well.

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