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Still Living Off-Grid

Still Living Off-Grid

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We’re still off grid, and not by choice. It was not “part of the plan”, but that’s kind of how life goes, isn’t it? We have been waiting for the power company to come do a quick job of hooking up the electricity at the road, and it has been really hard waiting a month and a half for this improvement in our lives.

I’d like to say I’m building character, but I think the only thing building is my muscles (carrying 5-gallon buckets of water daily) and my cynicism for life and all systems. But with the help of some well-timed pints of ice cream, bags of truffles, showers at a friend’s house, and casseroles from mom… we’re making it through.

Pouring rain water into the “kitchen faucet”

The orange jug is my “faucet” the only one in the house. I wash dishes with one hand, pushing the button with the other hand, and trying to use as little water as possible, because as you can see in this picture, I haul every drop we use!

We are gathering rainwater in 5-gallon buckets off a very clean shop roof. We are very thankful for the rainy days and I have to see I see the world and weather differently.

We have a Berkey water filter (literally everyone in the world needs one, they are the best thing ever). This filters our drinking water and helps us not worry about using rainwater. I dip a pitcher in the water bucket and fill the Berkey that way.

Pouring water into the Berkey water filter for drinking.

We have been building a deck for the tiny house. This is a huge improvement in our lives. We can walk out the door onto a flat surface, a sort of outdoor mudroom.

Wade and Elsa challenging themselves on the framing.
Trent and Lucia working on the deck

We built it with almost 100% reclaimed materials from Trent’s job, scraps of decking and metal sheeting that were destined for the trash. That made the deck and roof cost us about $50 and saved the world some garbage!

Here it is, almost finished, still needs some roof panels and stairs. But I do feel thankful for every advancement.

On the deck, you can see my “icebox” (a deep freezer with ice in it) which has been a pretty big challenge, between stocking it with ice and fishing out the melted icewater so I don’t drown my food. You also see the plastic totes that we keep our boots in because goodness knows there isn’t room for all that muddy business in the tiny house!

We take showers and do wash at my parent’s house. We cook on our propane cookstove. And we are keeping out house as warm as an old folk’s home (like… 80 degrees) because our wood stove is the only thing that really works in the house and it feels good to have one luxury. And I like obsessively stoking that cute little Cubic Mini stove.

We should be getting power on October 30th… cross your fingers for us! Showers, dishes, vacuums… I dream of it all.

But don’t let this complaining deceive you, we are having the time of our lives. And it feels so good… SO. GOOD. to be living what we set out to do. It feels intoxicating to know that we can do nearly anything, all we need to do is have a plan, stick to it, work hard, and eventually, it will come to pass.

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