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The end is in sight! (on the other hand… are you ever “done” with house projects?)

Trent has been finishing lots of little details that really make the house come together and look completed. The bathroom in particular is looking incredible and finished. Trent lined the shower with corrugated metal, installed gorgeous (and practical) copper pipes to supply the shower head, made a copper pipe light fixture, and installed mirrors.

Yes that’s me lurking in the shadows.

The pocket door is now complete with hardware. The kids love to lock it and the 3-year-old likes to lock himself in. Sigh.

Trent is in the process of installing LED strips in the kitchen ceiling. They add an incredible amount of light.

Trent is launching on a week of vacation from work, which we will use to make extra progress on the tiny house. I will be taking daily pictures and posting them on my Facebook page, so be sure to stay tuned for those!

The main projects left are shelves, cupboard doors, and the tile backsplash. We are hoping to be done by the end of July. After 2 1/2 years of work, I have to admit it’s going to be good to be done.

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We are now knee-deep in plumbing and electrical in the tiny house now. There are an endless amount of small projects to do, it leaves Trent and I both a little dizzy.

In the bathroom, the vanity was transformed to a finished unit, sans the cabinet door below! Trent was able to salvage the formica and the sink from work, which feels good.

Trent designed and built metal pipe handrails for the kids’ loft. He also added a rope for a super adventurous climb. Also note that the cedar accent wall has been finished as well! It looks absolutely gorgeous.

In the kitchen, the sink and faucet were both installed.

Trent built the light fixture above the kitchen sink. It is a fallen piece of black walnut from the tree in our back yard. It has incredible character, with insect trails, bumps, variations in wood grain, and a naturally rotted out spot for the light to shine through! I think it is beautiful and unique.

We are hoping to finish in the next two months! We are feeling very excited to be done.

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