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The kitchen is really starting to take shape and I’m excited to share the progress with you!

Beautiful butcher block counter tops, installed!

We got basic butcher block countertops from Home Depot and Trent cut them to fit. We oiled the bottoms with mineral oil and screwed them down.

That all sounds easy, but it was a whole Saturday and several weeknights. Welcome to building.

Then, I made a VERY strong black tea and brushed two coats on for a natural stain. The kids enjoyed being a part of this, and I enjoyed using something that wasn’t caustic and prohibitive for kids!

Stained with black tea

The final product was a little more yellow than we wanted, but we still liked it.

Then, we rubbed it with a few coats of hemp seed oil to seal it. Again, it feels good to use something that isn’t full of chemicals.

Trent looked at this expanse of countertop and almost tried to talk me into not having a sink “just like a dry cabin!” Usually, I’m all up for his crazy against-the-grain ideas, but not this one. Nope. I’ll willingly give up counter space for a big sink.

Cutting the sink hole

Then, Trent cut out the sink hole and we plopped it in! Trent was able to reclaim this sink after it was torn out of a remodel he was working on. It is so incredibly heavy! But I am so excited to use it and have a large sink.

Bam! Isn’t that the most beautiful sight ever?!

Once I saw the sink in place, and the contrast of the pure white with the honey wood… I screamed! I can’t believe I will get to cook in this kitchen every day!

Then, it was time for the kid invasion! The sink made an awesome Barbie pool! Skinny dipping, of course, since Barbies never seem to have clothes on.

If that ain’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen…

I’m excited to see such beautiful touches being added to the house. It seems to be going faster now, which gives us both hope.

What do you think of the kitchen?

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