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We’ve been really looking forward to meeting this milestone. It seems like a big turning point in the project to clothe in paint these cabinets Trent has been building for about 9 months.

Before the paint could go on, the window trim had to be installed. This is one of Trent’s specialties at work, so of course he put himself under extreme pressure to get the details just-so. Don’t blame him, he just doesn’t want to cringe every day that he lives in this house and looks at the trim.

Meanwhile, the 3 youngest played in their future room. Is Tate eating a bit of insulating foam? Could be.

Trent and I decided we would use Sherwin-Williams’ super awesome ProClassic paint, which gives trim and cabinets a hardy shell of smooth paint. We also decided to spray it on to get a super-smooth finish.

Trent took off a week of work to get this project done, which I thought was excessive. Well, it wasn’t. It took us all 6 days to finish.

First day: papering and taping everything we didn’t want sprayed with paint.

Second day: Painting the primer (it was very stinky and I think we got high)

Third day: Sanding the primer (this made our arms hurt A LOT)

The only picture of the fateful week… Trent sanding the primer for 12 hours.

Fourth day: I honestly don’t even know what happened after this point. Somewhere in the sanding/painting/cleaning cycle, we started to paint and it was running and creating a mini-disaster. Trent was really starting to lose it at this point. We both felt like we had put so much work into it, and we couldn’t hardly keep going or accept challenges.

The crux of the project was when Trent was laying on the living room floor with no energy to just go put on the last coat of paint on Saturday night, and the snake that the kids had rescued from Bruce the cat and had been befriending all day died. That thing had totally kicked the bucket, eyes glassed over and mouth open, but the kids still had to be convinced he was gone for good. Anyway, Wade and Elsa were crying and processing that death and we had a funeral for him. Buried him and put down flowers and everything.

It’s those moments that make me a strong woman: conducting a snake memorial service whilst hoping my husband has strength to rise and paint.

Let’s just say, in the end, the cabinets look beautiful, but not without hardship. I know every nook and cranny of that house. Once we got over our trauma, we were ready to admire the finished product and I hope you are too!

Are you ready for some addicting before/after transformations?

It’s nice to be done.

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