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Sanding the Cabinets

Sanding the Cabinets

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Now that the cabinets are all built, it is time to smooth everything and begin preparing for Painting Day! This sounds easier than it really is, like almost everything in construction. Granted, I am not the most experienced at all this, but it took me 2 1/2 days of hard sweaty work with the electric sander to get the cabinets all sanded and the nail holes filled.

It has been fun for me to have a job I really feel like I can do well, though. I definitely feel really proud of what I have done.

When Trent built the cabinets, he adds a strip of wood called “face frame” on the front to make it extra pretty and durable. Usually the cabinet and the face frame don’t quite match up, so I have to smooth out the transition.

Also, Trent fastens the cabinets together with staples, which leave a small indent in the wood. After smoothing the face frame, I would go back and fill the hole, as well as any other gaps with wood filler.

Then, as if I hadn’t sanded enough, I go back over the wood filler and smooth it out. The desired finish product is in the picture above.

This last weekend, the kids were with Grammy and Boppa, so we made a lot of progress. In addition to the sanding, I sanded and painted the beam above the bathroom.

OK, now for the big news! As if living in a tiny house with 4 kids isn’t strange enough, we have decided to not have a traditional table and couch! This decision allows us to have vastly more floor space. We will be dining Japanese-style, on the floor with a short, collapsable table. Trent built a small cubby in which to store the table when it’s not in use. It’s in the picture below, although it’s hard to see with all the plywood covering it. Can you tell it’s getting a little cramped in the house?

The top will be an extra-wide windowsill of barnwood, where we can display bits of treasured nature from walks and grow a few plants. I have always dreamed of having something like this, and I feel like a spoiled queen to finally have one!

Trent has been busy on the window trim. There are a lot of windows in the house, which makes these kind of tasks take longer, but the payout is a really light, airy house!

We are still hoping to be painting the cabinets in about two weeks. There’s lots of work to be done between now and then, but we are pretty much running on adrenaline at this point, knowing that getting the cabinets painted will make the build take a major turn towards the finish line.

Thanks for reading along with the process! Be sure to stick around because we are now (hopefully) within 4-6 months of finishing!

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The Final Cabinets!

The Final Cabinets!

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We have finally arrived at an exciting landmark in our tiny house build. After about 6 months of cabinet-building, we have finally built the final cabinets!

I always find it funny that as soon as the cabinets are built, they are immediately inhabited by random tools and stuff.

These last cabinets were the most difficult and time-consuming for Trent to build. The cabinet to the left (with the grid pattern) is a bookshelf with a ladder in the middle. This is how the kids will access their loft. Trent plans to forge some metal hand-rails to help with safety. This is where I hope to store most of my spartan homeschooling supplies, most of which are BOOKS!

The coat closet has two levels. The top is right by a window and I hope to perch some houseplants on the top. The landing is actually a nice place to hang out– I can lean on the coat closet and look out the window. This is where the child clubhouse fantasy part of the tiny house really shines: there are becoming lots of little nooks and places to hang out.

Next up: install window trim, which happens to be one of Trent’s specialties! After having installed hundreds of feet of trim in other peoples’ homes, it’s going to feel really good to install the trim in his own house.

We are hoping to have the cabinet painting underway by the beginning of March.

We are really hoping to be done by June, and it feels like the months are flying by. Now that we have moved on to another stage of the build, we are feeling pumped and super excited to be done. It feels like we really will finish. It’s great to think by summertime, we will be moving in!

The tiny house looking gorgeous in the skiff of February snow.

Trent and I are getting two days in a row with no kids this weekend (thanks Mom and Dad!) and we are hoping to make a lot of progress. Stay tuned for next week’s update!

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